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A Message from the President

April 5, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As we approach the Yom Tov of Pesach and the end of the first Zman of the Kollel, many of us feel as if the Kollel has been a reality for far longer than just five months since its opening. The Kollel has added an additional dimension to our community’s spiritual infrastructure. A community Kollel is fast becoming a part of the foundation of just about every community in major cities.

We are most fortunate to have retained Rav Yonah Burr, Shlita as our Rosh Kollel. Our Kollel yungaleit are thriving and “shteiging” under the Rosh Kollel’s guidance and tutelage. Likewise may baalabatim benefit from attending shiurim on Inyanei DeYoma and learning with the Rosh Kollel and Kollel Avreichim.

Rabbi Tuvia Goldstein

The community owes Hakaras HaTov to the original founders of the Kollel led by Reb Tuvia Goldstein. Reb Tuvia’s determination and focus to build a Kollel in our neighborhood required a level of skill and sacrifice critical to the realization of the goal to build a Kollel. It is not an exaggeration to state that without Tuvia’s dedication, time and resources; we would not be where we are today. Our board of directors comprises proven askanim of our community, never willing to pass on a challenge, and who embraced this project working years to reach this milestone.

The support, encouragement and ‘hadracha’ of the Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbis Kamenetsky and Svei was a guiding light to our founders. In the similar vein, the support of our local Rabbanim, Rabbis Terebelo, Yeamans and Lezerowski is most appreciated.

We are enormously grateful to Rabbi Abergel and Dibrot Eliyahu for agreeing to make their new home, the Kollel’s inaugural home. The Kollel members are made to feel most welcome; the synergy between the Kollel and the Mispallelim of Dibrot Eliyahu is a tangible example of authentic Achdus in our community.

The Yungaleit and their families have made an immediate impact on our community. Those involved in recruitment of families from nearby cities report that virtually every prospect will only consider a city with the highest standards of Kashrus, Mikva, Eiruv and in this new Tekufah, a Kollel! Our community with a Kollel makes it desirable for Bnei Torah to consider moving to this community.

The outreach to our entire community continues daily. We encourage everyone to avail themselves of learning opportunities at the Kollel. As we prepare for Pesach, let’s take a moment to appreciate what has been accomplished and let us all work together to continue our personal and communal growth. May we merit to see the Geulah Sheleimah, BeKarov!

Ezra Wohlgelernter, President

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