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Building Foundations - 2nd teen chabura invites R' Tuvia Goldstein

Close to 20 teens assembled for the 2nd "Teen Chabura" lead by Rabbi Yitzchak Terebelo this past Tuesday night. The group is a mix of students that attend Jewish and Secular schools, but all are excited to come together to share in each others company along with light refreshments and words of Torah.

This week, Rabbi Tuvia Goldstein was invited to shmooze with the Chabura and discussed the fundamental question, "Why did Hashem create us?", explaining that without an understanding of this most important principle, it is like building a building without a foundation. The Chabura enjoyed a lively conversation exploring possibilities, and was presented with the approach of the Ramchal as explained in his classic sefer, Derech Hashem. The crux of the Ramchal's approach is the idea that Hashem is the most perfect "good" and it is the nature of the perfect "good"  to share that goodness with others. He therefore created us in order to bestow goodness upon us.

The sight of so many teens coming out voluntarily, giving of their limited "free" time to grow and learn is truly a Kiddush Hashem!

The Teen Chabura meets every Tuesday night at the Kollel beginning at 9 pm.

Note: The next Chabura will meet Wednesday, April 3 at 8pm.

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