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Chanuka Mesiba: A Resounding Success

Over 40 people joined the Kollel for their Chanuka Mesiba this past Tuesday night, which featured niggunim and a delicious hot buffet. The Kollel was honored to have Harav Sholom Kamenetzky attend the event.

Rabbi Yitzchak Terebelo spoke first, about the two types of Nissim. The victory over the Greeks -- a Nes Nistar, and the oil lasting eight days -- a Nes Nigleh. Our job, said R’ Yitzchak, is to use the Nes Niglah to remind us that all events are miracles.

Rav Sholom Kamenetzky shared an elaborate explanation based on the Maharal regarding the challenges of the Galus of our time, along with the remaining confusion of the 'darkness of Galus Yavan'. Our job, the Rosh Yeshiva concluded, is to differentiate between the light and the darkness, symbolized through the lighting of the menorah, along with fighting foreign influences when necessary.

It was an uplifting evening enjoyed by all!

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