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Purim: A Miracle for All Times

By Harav Yonah Burr

The Hidden King

A tremendous emphasis is placed on the fact that Hashem’s Name is omitted from the Megillah. It is written as a plain ‘story’ with all the pieces coming together in the end, climaxing with the hanging of Haman; and the Jews finally being given permission to eliminate their enemies. Some of the commentaries suggest that every mention of the word ‘Hamelech’/ ‘The King’ is actually a hidden reference to Hashem, always behind the scenes, but there is no overt mention of Him. It is our job to see the Hand of Hashem behind the ‘natural’, and realize that it is He who is behind everything that happens in our lives. Seemingly, the message is clear: not only are the open, supernatural miracles important, but we must also learn from the hidden hand of Hashem, always running the world at every turn.

Why Will Purim Outshine Pesach?

But the Talmud Yerushalmi teaches us an amazing idea; in the future, in the days of Moshiach, the open miracles of the exodus from Egypt, along with the miracles in the desert, will pale in comparison to the final redemption. All the open miracles we experienced in the past will take a back seat to the miracles of the days of Moshiach. But the Purim story will still hold the same prominence that it has today, the Megillah will never fade, the lesson is eternal. What makes the miracle of Purim outshine the open miracles of Pesach?

A Powerful Lesson

The Seforim explain that the story of Purim teaches us a powerful lesson; every event that occurs in the world, even when it seems it is contrary to the will of Hashem, is actually being used to bring about the final purpose; to bring the revelation of Hashem to the world. The rise of Haman, the abduction of Esther, the decree, all proved to facilitate and bring about the ultimate Glory of the Hand of Hashem. The Megillah is a microcosm of the ultimate redemption, when we will see that everything that occurs is actually bringing about the revelation of Hashem. The lesson of Purim is eternal, complimenting the final redemption, and it will take its place alongside it. "ונהפך הוא" - and it was turned around. Everything was used in the end for the good!

May we all merit to internalize and live these lessons, and to see the final redemption speedily in our day.

A Freilichen Purim!

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