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Rav Terebelo Addresses Kollel

Rabbi Mordecai Terebelo shlita, Rav of Cong. Ahavas Torah of Rhawnhurst and Menahel of Politz Hebrew Academy of Philadelphia, delivered Divrei Chizuk this week at the Kollel. He focused on the unique opportunities that the years of Kollel afford and urged the Yungerleit to cherish each one.

The Rambam, quoted the Rav, states that all the brachos that the Torah promises in this world are not an end unto themselves, but a means to further grow spiritually in the service of Hashem.

In conclusion, Rabbi Terebelo observed the spectacular Kiddush Hashem that the Kollel is making, noting that the Kollel has brought a new dimension of excitement for Yiddishkeit in the city of Philadelphia.

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