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Tzav: Don’t Take Anything for Granted!

Updated: Mar 29

זה קרבן אהרן ובניו אשר יקריבו לד' ביום המשח אתו עשירת האפה סלת מנחה תמיד מחציתה בבקר ומחציתה בערב. והכהן המשיח תחתיו מבניו יעשה אתה חק עולם לד' כליל תקטר (ויקרא ו:י"ג,ט"ו)

This shall be the offering of Aaron and his sons that they bring to Hashem on the day they are anointed... And the Kohen Gadol who is appointed from among his sons shall offer this as an everlasting statute to Hashem, it shall be completely burnt.

The Torah prescribes a special flour offering for a Kohen upon his inauguration into the service of the Beis Hamikdash. It was an elaborate offering, consisting of twelve loaves, intricately prepared through an alternating process of first being baked, then cooked, and baked again. It was then divided through the day; half was offered in the morning along with the morning Tamid, and half towards evening along with the afternoon Tamid. We can only imagine the excitement of the Kohen preparing and bringing this special offering on his first day of service!

The Torah then instructs the Kohen Gadol to bring this exact flour offering -- every single day. The same offering that an ordinary Kohen brings on his first day, he is to bring every day of his life!

The same offering that an ordinary Kohen brings on his first day, the Kohen Gadol brings every single day of his life!

A Powerful Message

Rav Moshe Feinstein sees in this a powerful message. The Kohen Gadol must be constantly reminded that his lofty position is something special – he must always strive to be deserving of it, and look at each day as a privilege and a responsibility. It is as if he is inaugurated each and every day!

This is a life lesson for us as well. Hashem in His infinite kindness gives each and every one of us gifts, whether it is health, sustenance, children, or countless other things. We must appreciate these gifts each and every day anew, as if they have just been given to us again. Let us be thankful to Hashem and not take anything for granted!

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

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